Fuerteventura Centre

Places of Interest: Fuerteventura – Centre

  • Ajui
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    Ajui 2
  • betancuria
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    Betancuria 2
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  • Puerto del Rosario
    Puerto del Rosario
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    Puerto del Rosario 2
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    Puerto del Rosario 4
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    Puerto del Rosario 5
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    Puerto del Rosario 6
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    Puerto del Rosario 7
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    Puerto del Rosario 8

Puerto del Rosario: For shopping there is of course LAS ROTONDAS, the commercial centre with underground parking. But if you prefer to do window shopping in the street, then we suggest to go strolling in the Avda 1er de Mayo and Avda Secundino Alonso. Here you will find a mixture of shops, bars and restaurants. Spirit wishes you an interesting stay in Puerto del Rosario!

Betancuria: Betancuria virtually lies in the centre of Fuerteventura. Well hidden, surrounded by the oldest remains of volcanic activity on the Canary Islands. Please visit both sides of the town as both do have nice surprises for you. The side of the church offers you a nice city walk through flower embedded streets, old houses, restaurants and the other side will invite you to the local museum.

Ajuy: Ajuy is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura and here you can find the oldest rock formations of the archipelago (180 million years old). It is also the place where Jean de Bethencourt set foot for the first time to conquer Fuerteventura for the Spanish Crown. From this black beach he moved upward along a river that once flowed and ended up in a valley where he founded Betancuria. Now Ajuy is a quiet village with some restaurants, a small museum and interesting caves.

Caleta de Fuste (Castillo): this resort has been built for tourism around a small fortress from the 18th century and offers a wide variety of attractions and activities. The artificial beach is ideal for children.

Antigua: a municipality and home to the annual handycraft fair. Has a nice church and a cheese museum.